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Date: July 01, 2010
From: Heather Gifford

Dear Friend,

Before sharing with you the secrets to becoming a supreme,
awesome and magnetically attractive individual, I have a few
scenarios I’d like to share with you....

Situation #1

You see someone that you’d love to go up and start a conversation with, but your anxiety levels get the better of you.  You wonder what you could possibly say to this person to get their attention and by the time you’ve figured out what to say, they’ve disappeared and started talking to someone else.

You mentally ‘beat yourself up’ because you’ve held yourself back again and it feels really frustrating – and it keeps happening.

Or, if you do talk to someone, you’re aware of an invisible mask that you wear – it’s not the REAL you and you know it!   You’d love to take off this mask and show your true creativity, confidence and fun loving self – but your authenticity and spontaneity are completely inaccessible!

Situation #2

You're in a relationship and you want to feel more connection, more intimacy – you want the ‘magic’ back.   But something has changed, it’s like there is an invisible barrier between you.

You reach out to touch them and their body stiffens slightly, and although it’s only subtle – it’s like a punch in the stomach to you.  They don’t want you like they used to.  You feel stupid and rejected – the attraction has died.

Situation #3

You’ve realised that doing more of the same thing will not solve the challenges you face in creating attraction and connection in your life.

You have a sneaking suspicion that you’re missing something, at a deep level.

What would it be worth if you had a way to get rid of all those insecurities at their source and finally break through those invisible barriers that have become ‘internal’ obstacles?

If you related to any of the above, I’m pleased to say don’t despair because I’ve been through these scenarios myself in the past.

But then something dramatically changed in my life ...

Listen, if you aren’t experiencing the level of attraction and exciting interactions with the opposite sex in your life right now, it’s OK, you weren’t aware of these simple techniques because they’re not taught in the mainstream – until NOW.

The truth is it’s very rare nowadays for men and women to have a powerful role model with the ability to teach them the principals of attraction – how to gain powerful connection and how to be true to your core nature.

After the transformation and dramatic change in my life – once I started to apply these principles, I began to realise how powerful these techniques truly are.

I Took The Foundations of Magnetic Attraction
And Boiled Them Down Into
A System That ANY Man or Woman Can Easily Learn.

Friends of mine started asking me for tips, techniques and advice on how to become more authentic and magnetically attractive in their lives.

Slowly, I started to put the most powerful information and research that I’d gained on my personal journey over the last four years together to share with ANY man or woman who wanted help creating authenticity, transformation in their personal relationships or powerful success in dating.

Did you know ... that YOU, by virtue of your core nature, have in your hands the delicious ability to make anyone wildly attractive to you, influence a person to your way of thinking, and to become POWERFULLY attractive in EVERYTHING you do. 

Yes, it's true!  And the best part is that you can do it easily and effortlessly by being yourself -- NOT by shaping yourself into someone you're not just because of society pressures at work and home.

It doesn’t matter if you want some basic advice or a complete rethink about the way you approach attraction – It’s never too late to have the effortless success of MAGNETIC attraction in your life .

Here's How I Can Help YOU.

I'm going to get right to the point...

I have created a STEP-BY-STEP guide for you to follow that will take you through the entire process of becoming more Authentic and Incredibly Attractive.

It's called The Secrets of Magnetic Attraction and it’s available RIGHT NOW as an INSTANT download. That means you can be reading it within the next 5 minutes or so.

This PROVEN system focuses on using Core Nature Attraction techniques for you to understand what makes someone Magnetically Attractive and how you can either attract the opposite sex, or keep an existing relationship alive and thriving.


What The Hell Am I Missing Here?

Look, can I be totally honest with you?

It was 2006 and the relationship I’d been in for most of my adult life had ended after 15 years – I’ll admit I was apprehensive of the future and my self confidence was very low.

Bit by bit I started to pick up the pieces of my life and once the dust had settled, I sat down and took a long, hard look at my personal life. 

It was only then that I realised that although I’d been very successful in my professional life I knew VERY LITTLE about myself and relationship dynamics.

That’s when I vowed to invest as much time, effort and money into learning about myself and relationships, as I had my career.

I wanted to understand what makes men and women really ‘tick’; what makes someone magnetically attractive, and could these techniques be used successfully in a relationship to keep it alive and thriving?

I bought all the relationship and dating books, CDs, DVDs, Home Study Courses I could get my hands on;  I also had really HONEST conversations with loads of men to find out EXACTLY what they were looking for from women and AMAZING chats with women to see how they felt about modern relationships, the struggle with balancing career, family life and intimacy.

I even infiltrated the ‘Pick Up Artist’ network to find out about the powerful attraction techniques that are taught to men and also, the networks created to support women on how to ‘catch and keep’ a man.

Wow – what a personal journey of discovery I’ve had over the last four years!  It’s been intriguing, exhilarating, fun, frightening, and breath-taking....  simply AMAZING!!

Over the years of research, I've constantly thought to myself “I wish I’d known about some of these powerful techniques years ago.” 

Everything I learnt, I also tested personally to see how effective it was in different scenarios – not just in dating and relationships - but also to attract work and money.

I then started practising these techniques on MEN!

I tried to ‘cheat the systems’ to prove methods right or wrong - I’ve acted confidently, clingy, assertively, aggressively, passively, independent, dependent, interdependent... just to see reactions in the opposite sex and to find out what techniques actually created and destroyed attraction.

After four years of research and testing attraction techniques I stumbled on a little known secret that could be applied VERY easily and with great effect.

I discovered that the most powerful tool available is ‘core-nature attraction techniques’.  These are very simple, but HUGELY successful methods in attracting ANYTHING into your life - but also making you VERY attractive in personal relationships.

I already understood the huge power of energy in our lives and society (I’d become fascinated with this subject twenty years ago and put it great use in my professional life), but I’d never applied the principals to dating and relationships.

That’s when everything changed for me personally

I now understood why many men and women, due to pressures of work and society, wear ‘persona masks’ that are used to excess, causing unnecessary pain and unhappiness in personal relationships.

Here's one revelation: People are WAY more perceptive than you think. They can see through the routine you are putting on. Chances are if you feel awkward, or you’re pretending to be someone else to get their attention - they can sense it too.

Once we remove these masks, our true authentic natures as men and women shine through, making us MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTIVE individuals.

For the first time in my life, I figured out instead of ‘DOING’ to become magnetically attractive in work and my personal life,  I just needed to ‘BE’.

In other words, I had discovered how to ‘be myself’ in such an authentic and comfortable way that I literally ATTRACTED people to me – whenever I wanted.
A Complete Guide to Creating, Attracting and Keeping the Magic Alive in Your Personal Relationships!

Here's How This Proven System Works, And
How You Can Put It To Work For YOU.

Inside You'll Discover...

  • Why some of the techniques you’ve previously tried to attract someone are actually exactly what causes them to lose interest in you – that following the wrong advice causes you to end up being alone and wondering what happened.

  • Why WORK can kill intimacy dead -  Talking to your partner about your working day can leave each other cold and does nothing to support attraction principles.

  • How you have all your natural power  within YOU to create attraction and why the opposite sex like it that way, and how you've missed out on some amazing opportunities for attraction and loving interactions in the past.

  • How to use your body to create INSTANT ATTRACTION by changing how you stand and hold your body to create instant attraction in the opposite sex.

  • Understanding how you can strengthen your CORE NATURE of Masculine or Feminine Energy

  • Understanding Sexual Polarity and why it is a GIANT MAGNET if you get it right and disaster for your relationship if you get it wrong.

  • Learn why thousands of women are struggling to create intimacy because they can’t switch from work-mode to ‘intimate relationship’ mode.

  • Why it’s so important that a man has a PURPOSE in life and a woman feels CONNECTION – how to get exactly what you want – and how great it will make you feel.

For only £19.95 you can instantly download this valuable information and guide to the Secrets of Magnetic Attraction.


You really can create magical attraction in your personal relationships.

If you're single, here's how I can help you:

You'll have access to my years of research about men and women and what is required in order to capture attention, create amazing attraction and keep the magic alive in any relationship. 

That's because you're going to learn many secret attraction techniques that aren’t yet available in mainstream dating and relationship arenas.

If you're married, here's how I can help you:

Just imagine how much sweeter life would be if you knew how to create intimacy and connection through powerful attraction techniques – becoming powerfully authentic in your natural core nature.

What is the value of becoming an expert at understanding your partner and your relationship?  How the dynamics between men and women actually co-exist to create MAGIC when you can connect in your true core natures of masculine and feminine.

In this powerful guide to creating MAGNETIC ATTRACTION in your personal relationships, you'll learn the oh-so-simple ways to connect to what attracted your partner to you in the first flushes of love and lust!
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After downloading, you'll be learning from these strategies within just a few minutes and using them to improve your relationships.

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"The purpose of intimate partnership is for us to midwife the perfection in
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-- From "Illuminata" by Marianne Williamson

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